How to Cultivate Paulownia
ˇ¶How to Cultivate Paulowniaˇ·is the first book which introduces the Paulownia cultural history and horticulture comprehensively, including Forward, History of Paulownia Cultivation, Species and Distribution of Paulownia, Growth Characteristics of Paulownia, Condition Suitable for Paulownia Growth, Paulownia Breeding and Superior Clone Production, Nursery Technology for Paulownia, Establishment of High Yielding Paulownia Plantations, Pruning and Stem Extension Technology of Paulownia, Pests and Diseases Control etc. It will teach you how to establish the wonderful high-yielding plantations. The writer of this book is Dr. Zhang Huaxin who is working in Paulownia Group of Research Institute of Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry as professor, a famous specialist on Paulownia.