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We can offer the seeds, root-cuttings and tissue culture plantlets of all paulownia species and super clones for sale, the prices can be discussed with each other. In addition, we also provide the tech-instruction for the establishment of high-yielding plantation of paulownia all over the world. The prices are listed as follows:

Quantity Price Specification
Seeds 5g $25.00 Quantity: 10000 seeds per gram. Absolutely good seeds collected from plus trees or in gene pool!!! all seeds were collected by specialists in paulownia group of Research Institute of Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry, which will garantee the high quality of seeds of different paulownia species.
10g $40.00
50g $120.00
100g $200.00
500g $650.00
1000g $1,100.00
Root-Cutting 100 $25.00 Super clone root cuttings 15 cm length, 1-3 cm in diameter
Tissue culture plantlet 100 $35.00 Growing in flask(test tube)
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