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Multiple Uses of Wood
paulownia furniture
Paulownia wood has many special properties. As one of the lightest wood tree species in China, paulownia wood has the properties of high resistance to distortion and splitting, high resistance to insect damage, low coefficient of shrinking index, moisture breaking, easy for drying, easy for processing, easy for sculpting, pretty in strains, without smell, and good at acoustics and insulation characters.
Paulownia wood can be used for many purposes. It can be used as the roof purling or beam for building house in rural areas, and also can be used for making window frame, door or furnishing board.It can be used for making furniture.It is also good raw material for making music instrument. The paulownia wood is usually used for making handy crafts. The paulownia wood can also be used for industrial purposes, such as for making wooden model, packing board for air transportation, vehicle or ship board and plywood. In Japan, the paulownia wood is used mostly for making thin veneer as pasting surface of furniture.
paulownia wood
paulownia board
music tool made with paulownia wood
paulownia furniture
music tool made with paulownia wood
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