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Paulownia, originated from China, is a marvelous tree species with its characteristics of fast-growing, good wood quality,multiple uses,wide-ranged distribution, easy propagation, deep root system and sparse crown. Paulownia is also a good tree for agroforestry. The paulownia wood is the traditionally exported products in China, which is extremely welcomed at the international market.
Since long, especially since 1960s paulownia has been awarded and appreciated by Chinese farmers. So far,the total number of paulownia trees in China has been as many as 1 billion trees for agroforestry, shelterbelts and landscape forests. The rapid development of paulownia in China has been well noticed by many other countries. There have been foreign foresters from more than 50 countries coming to China for visiting paulownia. The paulownia trees have been introduced to more than 50 countries. We believe that paulownia, as a common property of human being, can bring benefits not only to the Chinese people but also to the people in other countries.
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